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  • Whole Venue
  • Alcove Area A
  • Centre Alcove
  • VIP Area
  • High Tables
  • Centre Set Up
  • Cocktail Bar
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    Whole Venue

    For corporate events to private bookings, Neo is a unpretentious yet stylish and cutting edge space to book. Rippled quartz stone walls create a truly captivating atmosphere to entertain and host events and parties alike. With 4 main zones and a flexible centre zone, Neo is highly adaptable. Additional services include event planning, in house fine food, canapé service, cinema screens and cloakroom.

  • Alcove Area A

    Capacity: 30
    2-12 Seated, 20 Standing

    Surrounded by up lit rock walls and its own plush seating area, the Alcove zone has an intimate feel and is suitable for use by groups up to 12 seated or 30 mixed use.

    Table 1 and Table 2 are both available as separate reservations for groups of either 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12

  • Centre Alcove

    Capacity: 24
    12 Seated, 12 Standing

    This area is located opposite the bar with a great view of everything going on around while still feeling separate and intimate - Suitable for groups of up to 24.

    The Centre Alcove can be also combined with 3 other zones holding groups of up to 70 if required.

    Table 3, 4 and 5 are both available as separate reservations for groups of either 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12.

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    VIP Area & VIP Extended

    Capacity: 30 (48 if extended)
    Standard: 20 Seated, 10 Standing
    Extended: 28 Seated, 20 Standing

    Glowing in warm Neo Amber and located at the far end of the cocktail bar area. A preferred area for returning couples, parties and groups which want a small separation from the rest of the bar. Partly separated with glass panels and an extra-long seating booth, the area retains a slightly more exclusive range of seating options. The full booth holds up to 20 seated for drinks and can be combined with the low table zone to seat 28, standing capacity grows to 48 when combined.

  • High Tables

    Capacity: 50
    12 Seated, 38 Standing

    Stretching seven meters and parallel to the bar, in the centre area, these high and long tables have a very relaxed and informal set up. With 12 crushed velvet high stools and ample room for more standing it's a popular zone for large groups who hover between the bar and the high tables. When combined with the Centre Alcove Zone it grows to a capacity of 70 if required. This Centre Set Up is our most popular booking zone for corporate drinks and entertaining.

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    Centre Set Up

    Capacity: 70
    24 Seated, 46 Standing

    Inspired by the need for an informal drinks and entertaining setting for corporate or private groups of up to 70, Centre Set Up is a combined use of Centre Alcove, High Table and the Mid-Bar areas. The high tables are a perfect gathering point at the beginning of an event and later serve as the perfect space to entertain guests with multiple choices for light finger food if required. Any Pre-ordered drinks are displayed for your guest's arrival.

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    Cocktail Bar

    Capacity: 40
    6 Seated, 34 Standing

    The beautifully designed 9 meter long cocktail bar is a stunning setting for after work drinks or celebrations alike. Scattered crushed velvet high stools are always on hand and with the capacity to extend the area to the high tables, its centre stage in every way.