Birthdays & engagements

Hosting an event or party and looking to impress your guests? On weekends Neo has become an increasingly popular city venue to book, hire and host celebrations such as milestone birthdays and engagement celebrations and continues to be dedicated to hosting memorable and stylish personal events.


Looking for a stylish venue to enjoy and host your birthday?

We’ve got you covered, whether it’s an intimate party, or full planned milestone birthday celebration, we have the right host of options to make your birthday a memorable and stylish event.

What to expect?

Stylish décor, sublime cocktails, world class drinks, great music, canapés and food options to suit, all with impeccable service and helpful panning.

So whether it’s a 25th, 30th, 40th Birthday party or your lucky enough to be celebrating anything in between, we would love to inspire you.

Have a date in mind?

Send us your ideal date for your birthday celebration; we would love to hear from you, celebrations are what we do.



“Classy & Stylish”

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“An excellent choice for corporate drinks or celebrations”

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Congratulations, Want to ensure a memorable engagement celebration and party with your friends and family, you’re in safe hands, we have been hosting stylish and intimate engagements drinks and parties since 2010, and continue to be recognised as one of the most suitably selected venues in London to host engagement celebrations.

What style of celebration do we host?

From intimate and informal drinks to a full planned exclusive celebration, we have a host of options to suit.

What options do we offer?

Sublime welcome drinks to set the tone for a memorable night, along with foods options to lay on for your guests, all planned to suit your budget.

How far ahead do you need to book?

Weekends are our most popular celebration nights, so if you have a date in mind or spontaneous news you want to share and celebrate, we will do our very best to accommodate.